Kia Niro

There’s a re-imagined crossover coming in 2017, and Kia has exceeded our expectations with their new hybrid. Gaining traction fast with over 23,000 orders already placed in Europe in less than 6 months, this low-emissions crossover is guaranteed to be Kia’s biggest success yet. At Clay Cooley Kia, we are certainly ecstatic about receiving this gem of a crossover and dispersing them to our customers. It is very helpful that this economically friendly and affordable vehicle just so happens to be appealing physically, from the body shape to the interior and exterior colors.

When you choose the 2017 Kia Niro, you get to experience next level technology from the driver’s seat. The intelligent console not only keeps you connected with your smartphone and plays your favorite music as soon as you ask, but it gives you access to your new crossover’s vitals. Whether it is your real time fuel economy or the distribution of the Niro’s energy at the moment, your updates are right at your fingertips. One of our favorite built in tools regarding the intelligent console is the ECO driving option. On the screen is a tree next to your Niro, and the tree will begin to grow more leaves as you drive efficiently If you’re interested in making each trip the greenest it can possibly be, this ECO driving tool will assist you the whole way. Lastly, connected to this console is a live diagram that shows exactly what is happening under your hood. This allows each user to maximize the efficiency of their Niro, especially when it comes to fuel economy.

Equally as important as the eco-friendly technology are the safety features. Customers can rest easy knowing that Kia has gone above and beyond with this crossover. 53% of the body of the Niro is made up of advanced high-strength steel, meaning this part of the body is less heavy than other models, but includes added rigidity while upgrades the performance and handling. The airbags are surround this model of Kia, and your Kia dealers at Clay Cooley are impressed by the standard system of airbags being 6! Not only are there classic dual-front airbags, but there are front mounted airbags and curtain airbags. These airbags come will high quality and innovative sensors that control their inflation. Kia dealerships are known for having Kia cars that provide safety on every trip, so it is no surprised that the Niro has an anti-lock braking system to reduce a skid and vehicle stability management, which gives drivers more control over their car and steering wheel during hazardous weather such as ice and or rain.

Whether you have your heart already set on a new Kia in Dallas or you are just browsing, Clay Cooley Kia is the Kia dealership for you. With a full line up of all new Kia cars and a fantastic selection of used Kia for sale, our team with Clay Cooley is positive you will find your dream car with us. Give us a call or stop by whenever you’d like. We’d love to show you around.


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